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Warrior things in PvP


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All right guys here I am again. Your little weird warrior friend lmao. My clue for this thread is just let warrior feel rewarding to play again. (In pvp) In that case I wana Adress some less big changes but still good enough. 


We all know warrior is actually more a stat check class than every other class in the game. (Cause of its simple skills without many side effects) This caused warrior left in a somewhat sad state ingame after the big febr 2020 changes where made. The stats check state made warrior one of the easy to fix classes but also one of the hardest since if you buff stats too high it would made the whole class too good. 


Oke enough talked about the stat check thing letz talk about the not so heavy changes i would made. Remember this changes are all number or better said stat changes so letz see. Also I set my Focus on warriors burst skills since this once are see too hard nerfs in gw2 history. But since this skills are the skills you need to actually hit to deal damage.... well letz see:


Core Warrior Burst Skills

Eviscerate: This skill now do 611 damag (1 lvl bar)/734 damage (2 lvl bar)/ 917damage (3 lvl bar)


Earthshaker: This skill now do 312 damage instead of 4


Killshot: You now can move while using this skill


Skull crack: reduce the cast time to 0.25 seconds


Flurry: You can now move while using this skill




Full Counter: This skill is now the same in pvp and wvw (1 second daze). It now do 150 damage


Thats litterly everything for first. Tho we all know that Berserker itself need a somewhat rework but yea. This changes would at least made core warr somwhat better (in terms of damage and some QoL changes) let me see your ideas as well! 



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actually, making cc skills deal no damage, only affected power output, condi output largely dealt simillar damage. so it was a blanket nerf targeted towards power.


also the practice of focus target, chain hard cc, burst, remains the same. they didn't even really address anything, its the same old story.


i honestly don't know why they couldn't have directly nerfed the coefficient of high power damage skills directly instead of going about this so roundabout and try hard. they broke so many things.


it would've been ok if they released followup patches to address the issues that popped up, even if they rolled them out slowly, but there was nothing. for years there was nothing.


and they ask the community to be civil, and say the community is overreacting.


well, they should've done their jobs properly during the past few years. what did they expect? a thank you?


now here we are again, waiting. in all seriousness based on the balance roadmap they released for the rest of the year, i only see more of the same kitten.


if they don't show us any different, we know for a kitten they're just f*ing up again.

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