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Still no penalty for afk/quiting players?


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Hey all! I have been playing alot of Spvp lately and I guees like everyone else here have noticed, alot of people just afk or disconnect when they feel its a loosing game.

Why after all this years is there still no penalty for that? Its easy to fix right? Like -5min no combat- standing still enough minutes- you get warning and enough warnings you get penalty and cant play pvp for a few days or something like that? Cause this just makes people dont want to play this mode if there is no kind of rules/penalty for people that deserve it.

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Reward behavior you want ... you didn't idle and actually played ... here are your pips, etc.

Punish behavior you don't want ... you idled instead of playing ... no pips for you and here's a long dishonor timer.

Right now these people laugh at being reported because they don't think it does anything. Currently, I believe them as in past seasons I've seen the same afkers multiple games in a row in a single night where the whole team reports them and nothing happens. It's feels like reporting is a placebo for the ones doing the reporting.

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there was a feature you were disconnected after 90 secs of COMPLETE innactivity, 98% of the afkers stay in the game cussing out their team in map chat so they would move their characters when the disconnectition message pop in their chat, so it was never a really a thing.

An actually working tool is prolly not viable but god they could ban that guy that afks on regular basis.


Another day i joined a match and before match started ppl were already saying we had won cuz they got this afker in their team, 7 of 10 players had played with him one or more matches before that he afk'd all matches his team didnt lead the game from the beggining, 50 pnts behind, afk'd.

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