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The hidden glory of trident.


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Trident. A marvelous, underrated design choice.

Projectiles and skills that change depending on legend. Why is there not more of this? 

(Looking especially at you hammer... Imagine burns in glint, torment in mallyx, life steal in Shiro, etc)

This is a concept that would unlock alot of potential for weapon use regardless of builds, allowing things like condi Vindicator, imagine if 2 and 5 GS had different effect for each legend?

Even at that, if weapons had one or two things that changed in such a way we might see more diversity happen.

I just think it's a shame that what is (imho) one of the nearest design choices in weaponry was relegated to a single, underused place.

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Just 2 cents. I'm of the idea this suits what a revenant is. Ebbing and flowing, adjusting to the play style of the currently invoked legend. It's a thing I feel makes sense to sprinkle out across our weapons.

To be fair I also think we could use more combo fields and finishers sprinkled around as well, just saying, since the legends have a tendency not to do so (except mallyx alone?) And the mace with it's fire field and blast combo. 

Even something as simple as what type of projectile is done, what type of field is laid down, mace for example, could be fire for glint, darkness for mallyx, lightning for Jalis. To be fair though I'm not sure why Jalis does lightning fields? Does light field not make more sense with the whole resolution theme going on here? Neither of them have much to do with stone tbh. And what about Shiro? Smoke? Ethereal? Ventari has light.. which thematically makes sense, but water makes more mechanical sense?

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3 minutes ago, Scoobaniec.9561 said:

I will tell you why - cuz it sux.

Reasons? If u play condi you are forced to use Mallyx/Glint else you deal 0 condi damage. A power build do not need torment/burn on the other hand. Its fun idea on paper, terrible in practice

Mostly just spitting stuff out there;

General point was though, trident has a different set of effects for each legend. I'm not sure why that was never carried over. 

Ergo; generally, weapons would then be useable regardless of spec, since they'd all play well with each legend (in theory at least, since trident in fact does)

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By far the best concept and one that opens up build diversity, which is why it was never carried over. I personally would love to be able to customize our revenants more and even have more of our legends actual FX effects carry over to the weapon when channeling our legend. 

That'd be sick.

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I think there could be room for it on certain skills (like you said, GS5 would be a nice candidate), but I'd rather not see them do it for all weapons and all skills. Like Scoobaniec said, it sucks in some ways because while seeming like it increases diversity it actually limits diversity simultaneously; condi legends become condi legends even further and the "power" legends don't get decent effects to compensate (vulnerability on shiro, weakness on jalis, chill on Alliance). I think there is probably concern with how to balance a skill that does a ton of damage upfront with the potential of a ton more damage if condi.

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