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Could someone with legendary stuff test this build for me?


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Heya, I were trying to create somewhat sustainable (large healthpool), able to do acceptable dps while providing quickness build for Harbringer.

Sadly, our wonderful developers still did not add a proper testing area to the game, thus I am not able to check this build out beyond mere theorycraft, therefore having to resort to asking others for help. 

My request is if someone with stat-swappable gear could check it out for me on golem, the usual setup - full boons, etc.

Minimal expectations i hope for is decent sustain, ~21k dps, and at least 90% uptime quickness for the party.

Feel free to swap out the sigil of malice, i really am not sure if it is needed there. If 3 elixirs are not required, i do not mind one being swapped for different skill. The same applies to Runes of Renegade.



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Can't really help you, but some observations:

- Runes of Nightmare + Koi Cake and Changing one of your infusions for Expertise instead of Condi DMG would net you a 100% condi duration. You'll lose some DMG compared to your setup, but if you are more interested in damages than duration...

- ... Superior runes of Scavenging can bring you more than Renegade with all that vitality and are way cheaper.

And there are probably even better alternatives.


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14 hours ago, Asum.4960 said:

I'd go for Tormenting Runes with Twisted Medicine. 

With Bursting and Tormenting that nets you both 100% Quickness uptime and >25k DPS (and you don't need full Ritualist).

This. To go a bit further- you already copy/pasted 98% of the meta CondiQuick Harbinger, just with way more ritualist gear than needed (asuming we're talking PvE here, for one of those pesky WvW sustain builds, you'd pick totally different traits).

Switch the trait as Asum.4960 mentioned, use ritualist on chest and legs, add tormenting or nightmare runes, eat condi food of your choice and use peppermint oil and you're good to go. 

That extra vitality from more ritualist gear won't improve your sustain that much, CondiQuick Harbinger is a very glassy spec by design, but imo very fun to play. 

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