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Lighting the Way Puzzle Bjora Marches Bug?

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I am trying to do the light puzzle Lighting the Way in Bjora Marches, but either I am far too stupid and to slow or this puzzle is bugged. The last 4 or so mirrors keep resetting themselves (and sometimes another mirror at 2/3 of the puzzle as well). This way only three to five light bubbles make it through until the mirror resets. Even with the Skyskale I am not fast enough to adjust the last two mirrors before the remaing "light bubbles" dissolve at the wrongly adjusted mirror. I have usually one last "light bubble" left flying towards the last mirror, but I am not fast enough to adjust the last mirror in time. How people without the Skyscale are supposed to do this puzzle is beyond me. And since there is a Mastery Point tied to this achievement this is especially aggrivating.


Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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