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Power Firebrand?


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Haven’t played firebrand much, but I’ve heard it provides high survivability (which I still need even though I pretty much stick to solo pve).  Thing is, all of my dragonhunter’s gear is ascended berserker.  So I’m wondering: Is power firebrand a thing?  If so, I’d really appreciate some tips as far as runes, weapons, sigils, skills, traits, etc. go.  TY in advance!

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It's not super common, but they do exist.  I can't vouch for how well they'll do, mostly because I haven't seen one in awhile.  But, you can definitely run Greatsword + X/Focus (where X is sword, axe, or scepter) with the Firebrand Traits of Liberator's Vow, Stalwart Speed, and Weighty tomes.  Most of everything else is just the same as power dragonhunter and power willbender.  Though for utilities, I would run Mantra of Solace, Mantra of Potence, Sword of Justice, "Charge!", and "Feel my Wrath."  That way, you can tap the mantras and Charge quickly to give yourself some quickness when you get into a battle.  

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It does exist with mix berserker/diviner, to maintain resolution and so Rigtheous instinct , + quickness etc. Axe is also quite nice over sword, for the grab on #3 and strangely close of Sword for Strike damage.
Something like that http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWwAc2FlRwegRij9y/zG-zRRYBRHGOsyo2UoiKQtB-e

But honestly even in OW you still should have better dps with DH burst than power FB despite the good uptime of all boons.

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