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[NA] Thats Kinda Craaaazy [PoGu] Gaming Community Looking for WvW Players!


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 | Thats Kinda Craaaazy [PoGu] | 

    - WvW focused gaming community on Darkhaven, occasionally doing other PvE/PvP content during other times. (Fractals, strikes, 2v2, etc...)

    - About Us: Fight focused with occasional objective capturing for content on our usual WvW raid nights with an emphasis on having a good time. 

Raid Times:  Sat Sun -- 5:30 PM PDT             

               Wednesday -- 6:00 PM PDT
  Friday -- 7:00 PM PDT

     What We're Looking For:

    1. Must have Discord, no Mic needed, just listen for callouts at least. 
    2. Mentality: Willing to learn from others and improve yourself in all aspects of the game.
    3. We like discussion, feel free to ask us questions!  
    4. Most of all, have fun. "Can't spell slaughter without laughter." 

Join our Discord and follow the instructions in the #application channel!

Discord:  https://discord.gg/8ZfyVWm2gg


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