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Dimensional Anchor?

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Add a dimensional anchor trap in World Vs World.




Thieves are able to teleport in a way which currently has no counterplay. I wish I could chalk this up to my lack of skill and other player's high skill level but I don't think that's the whole story. On more than a lot of occasions I would run into a situation where I'm fighting a thief and I have literally no means to catch them. In a duel situation that's frustrating but expected. Most classes have some kind of build that can do that. Where it becomes an actual game-breaking problem is if a single player chooses to disable a keep's waypoint by teleporting away from people attempting to stop the thief. As the gameplay exists right now, there is no real way to tell where such a thief placed their portals, so it is not really something that can be countered. To be clear I have no problems at all with such teleport gameplay existing. I have no issues with teleporting into keeps after the walls have been breached, and mesmer portals and thief portals bringing in more players to invade a keep or tower. That is all part of the fun and strategy. My only real problem is there currently exists no way to counter it effectively. There aren't any tools at a defender's disposal to counter this specifically.


More specific suggestion:


There are already supply traps, and target painter traps. Adding one that prevents all enemies who walk over it from being able to teleport for say, a minute, would be a nice niche addition. ANet would of course be free to decide what exactly counts as a 'teleport' in this case. Whether such a hypothetical trap only disables abilities able to teleport not just the caster but also teammates... I suppose that's up to whoever bothers to read this post.


Anyway, as always, Good Luck, Have Fun fellow players!

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When you say "teleport", are you including skills that register as Shadowsteps? Did you think ahead any to consider what builds you would shut down, including support builds, or how heavy a hit to mitigation that would be, especially up against players and classes who don't have to take multiple actions and sequences to mitigate attacks and damage. 

Bring some control and make them walk over it then pull and kill or something but if you want someone to stand there and let you kill them why not just ask? 

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I'm not really sure, this is more a start to an idea, not a good one. I imagine the same effect would happen if thieves couldn't perma stealth in WvW. Or if there was a more reliable way to get rid of stealth, like if stealth traps were larger and lasted longer. Or if ANet decided to go full TF2 and make thieves basically the Spy. This could also be like 'this thing only works inside of objectives you control'. Or like a tactic or improvement even. Like make the tier 2 tactic slot not suck to the point of not even filling it and give that slot a large stealth reveal or teleport disable that lasts a minute or so.

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