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Changing Region

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1 hour ago, xRaven.2350 said:

hmm lemme check. Haven't played GW1 for years. friend wants me to get back on. I am NA but for some reason it is set to EUROPE


went back to character select, no region select.

Oh is this gw1 I think you can change regions freely in that game my info was about gw2

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5 hours ago, Linken.6345 said:

Cant login from work but aint that just if your Eu or Na region and cant you change that by switching to a Eu/Na world in the charactrer select?

The region of the account is not the same as the region you chose to play in. The account region is set when you created the account and is based on the region of the key used or the IP for free accounts. It cannot be changed and determines which region you login through.

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