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Warrior, revenant or reaper for fun melee in open world and dungeons?


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I am a returning player, and need your help to choose a melee class:


Open world: 

- strong solo

- can survive fighting elite enemies

- decent mobility



- big damage

- doesnt't need to buff the group

- close to or in meta



- Fun, fluid combat

- Visceral and nice looking effects

- medium skill ceiling


What do you reccomend? 

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I'd say warrior or revenant based on -

Specifically maining a elite and not a proffession can go side ways pretty quickly. 

I'd likely throw down revenant as renegade has some very strong builds with alot of ranged access which in quite a few circumstances can be very strong 

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I haven't played Revenant.  But Reaper checks all your boxes.  Super strong in open world, fun to play, edgy!  Great at cleaving down groups of mobs, doesn't need to buff others, supplies its own might and Quickness too.

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17 hours ago, Fladmast.6021 said:

What do you reccomend? 

   Hybrid Willbender:


   Modus operandi:

   Charge with F1 against the main foe, release Purging Flames, roundhouse kick everyone with Whirling Light, place Symbol of Blades and unleash Zealot's Defense. Recharge F1 ASAP and engulf yourself in flames with the torch skills (you can run greatsword as secondary if you want). You'll get stacks of 37+ burns while having ~20K HP and over 3K armor and large stacks of migth. Most of things will melt in seconds, witout even beinga ble to do anything, and the build has decent sustain.

   The build has a lot of mobility and a good flow casting skills which remembers some fighting games, in the sense of trying to nail combos and air juggles but instead doing everything to proc as much burns as you can. The build is very flexible in gear: dire, carrion, viper, grieving, trailblazer or celestial, everything works! With condi damage over 2K and over 90% burning duration, is entirely ahead over any pure strike build you could run, specially in the expansions at which tons of mobs have huge amounts of armor or inmense HP levels.

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