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Warderobe Templates?

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Being the fashionable person that I am (dunno why game didn't give me "Headturner" title yet), I have more than one way to style my character.
But every time i want to jump between my styles it's time spent in warderobe, dyes and my memory to recall exactly which dyes and skins for each gear piece I should use.

It's high time we had style templates where we can save our armor/cape skin choice + dyes + trinkets effects being on/off where applicable.
So we can go straight from our awesome witch doctor theme look to our official guild leader look and what not.

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I absolutely want this, have requested it as have many others, and here we are.  Sometimes I just want to switch up looks, especially for festivals, and would love to be able to save them (and I don't mean with more build templates *sigh*).  Also want color templates for mounts.

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