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Catalyst Suggestion: Let us gain energy when Sphere is active


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This would help in so many ways. 

Whenever our energy is low we need to build up energy to >90% before we can begin our next loop. If we don't we won't be have enough energy to both provide quickness and pair our enhancement skills with the appropriate jade sphere. Allowing us to build energy when the sphere is down would let us generate the energy we need for the next sphere as we go through our rotation. 

Whenever we start our rotation from zero energy, we need to delay our air sphere quickness and build up energy or we will not be able to perform a proper opener. In this instance, Allowing us to build energy while air sphere is down would allow us to drop glyph of storms, crescent wind, shockblast, and start using hurricane of pain to rapidly build energy while air sphere is down, giving us enough energy to swap to fire and continue the rotation from there. This removes a LOT of the unecessary clunk in the rotation. 

Even with these suggestions, we are still required to be in range and land our skills in order to generate the requisite energy, meaning our boons will still fall off during downtime. This does not remove the intended trade-off of that comes with the energy mechanic, it simply makes it less clunky. 

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This was already talked about before but as i sad in another post.

There's another option.

Add an ammo mechanic instead of energy, that way they can limit how many you can put down at any time.

Energy mechanic is silly, since:

  • main issue, you lose all your energy if you go downstate, so if you're low on hp you spam through attunements that you don't lose energy and miss out on quickness if you want to be a quickness support and you usually mess up your rotation
  • you can't gain energy out of combat or anywhere there is no mobs
  • you can't gain energy when the orb is down, so there are times where you must put down an orb to upkeep a boon
  • some weapons for instance staff have problems generating energy
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i personally dont think that energy/spheres should be tied to a hit-based system because not only is it a nightmare to balance and play properly, but also because theres absolutely nothing in catalysts theme that suggests it needs to hit things a lot to function (i thought catalyst was supposed to capitalise on combos but it cant until it hits enough things to get energy so it can finally throw down a combo field…? 🤔)

if spheres really need to be limited, then it should be far easier for both players and balance to use the cd/ammo system, or because it already exists and coincidentally uses the same name, maybe a basic energy system based from revs existing energy system (without the legend swapping)?

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I actually didn’t know that energy isn’t built while a sphere is out. 😱 I have felt the wonky effect of hitting and not gaining energy, but didn’t put those two together. I guess that’s why you don’t place the earth sphere in the quick dps rotation,  creating a sphere free gap before repeating. 

Is there any tooltip or trait actually stating this? Wiki says so and I don’t doubt you, but do the game itself tell us it works like this? No wonder people have a hard time understanding some game mechanics then… 

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