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Why Not a Tactic That Calls All Guards To The Lord?


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I always figured have a t3 keep with guards standing around all around and not defending the lord was lame.


Why not a possible T3 tactic that calls every guard to the lord's circle. In most cases it may not make a difference but it would be fun to watch. 

They return to their original spots on respawn or the keep no longer registers attack.

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While it would be cool, I wouldn’t make it a T-3 tactic.  People wouldn’t use it seriously over EWP, and would use it mostly to troll their own server…. Which….  Does have value lol


T-2 though would be an option.  Not that it would definitely be better than a banner, but…. 

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On 7/7/2022 at 8:38 AM, Dawdler.8521 said:

The guards give the enemies procs and stacks. Why on earth would you want their "help" against a zerg.


I don't know, this might be interesting. Picture it less as a real defense and more as a running delay. If you pop it as an enemy is breaching outer the guards could delay things if they argo'd along the way to a path to the lord. And as a roamer/havoc player it could delay some havocs and I could see if spreading a zerg out some. The downside is how troll-able is it and can you prevent that since it would remove defenders from the outer walls that might already be be slowing some from getting in. So maybe it instead spawns extra sets of veterans in inner that have more snares and pulls like the zealots at camps. Either way wouldn't mind seeing more variety in tactivators so we have more chooses to mix up play. 

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We need more op tatics:

T4 Tatic: Call Siegerazer and Siegecrusher to help the lord.

T4 Tatic: All Guards turn into Veteran Awakened Canids.

T4 Tatic: Gain acess to 3 Siege Turtles for personal use.

T4 Tatic: Turns the Lord into Dhuum CM.

T4 Tatic: Upgrades all Guards to a new specialization:
Veteran Archer -> Veteran Soulbeast.
Veteran Cabalist -> Veteran Harbinger.
Veteran Defender -> Veteran Spellbreaker.
Veteran Rogue -> Veteran Deadeye.
Veteran Wizard -> Veteran Tempest.
Veteran Zealot -> Veteran Dragonhunter.

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