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Questions: World Restructuring / Alliances?

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Alliances roadmap is like a kid saying they wanna be princess when they grow up. Being a princess sounds great until you realise your destiny is to be married with a guy you don't like... But thankfully it is also a dream that won't come true.

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Overheard near an office water cooler...not that we should care about what devs do daily, weekly, monthly, or annually for that matter.


*in a hushed & distant whisper*     #AlliancesComingSoon

Yours truly,


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I also do my part here, to solicit our friends at anet for some little more information on the work in progress. I also take this opportunity to add that I have seen a lot of work you have done on the balance of classes, probably it was your goal of the work to be done.I am pleased in any direction the development goes, it is still positive for the player to know that there are people and technicians who take care of this mode.

I also want to summarize other aspects that the community has repeatedly discussed and reasoned, also to know what you think and if it is possible to dedicate a little development.

1 reworking of transfers

2 eu servers without link never 2 consecutive times

3 events + or - prolonged no down state

4 experiments for a possible modification of the limit targhet

it is the task of the community to desire and continually ask for more. often only to anet give some indication and / or answer, just to let us know what your vision is or which road you have chosen to take for this mode.

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On 7/7/2022 at 5:05 PM, subversiontwo.7501 said:


  • Why were the betas listed in the spring 2022 roadmap never held?
  • When is the next beta?
  • What features will be tested in the next beta?
  • From start to finish (0-100): To what percentage has the project progressed today?

2022 is having a very long spring...

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