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Just Got Frostsaw Of Chilling How Do I Customize It For Revenant?

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I just got the drop frostsaw and I dont know what customize option to pick for a revenant build should it be berserkers for more power precision and ferocity or something else dont want to mess up my first legendary drop stats thanks

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Congrats on your lucky drop!

The stats you should pick depend on your build. I could be wrong about this but greatsword on a revenant looks like it's mostly a power weapon (the skills don't cause many damaging conditions) so beserker's is a good choice if you want pure damage. If you find it difficult to keep the character alive you might want something with a bit of defense like marauder's (which includes vitality for extra health).

BTW the frostsaw is an ascended item, not legendary. It has the same stats as a legendary weapon but lacks the visual effects (footfalls, draw animation etc.) and the ability to equip it on all your characters at the same time and change the stats for free whenever you want. You will never get a legendary item as a random drop in this game, they're designed to be long-term goals so you have to go through a series of steps to make one.

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For Revenant, Greatsword is played as either a power-based damage weapon (typically paired with Shiro), or as a support weapon (typically paired with Ventari), or both due to the nature of the shared Alliance stance.


For power damage builds, use a mix of Berserker's and Assassin's gear, until you crit cap with the Fury boon.

For hybrid power damage/support builds, use a mix of Crusader's and Zealot's gear.


Don't worry if you mess up since most Ascended (pink) armor and weapons can be stat-changed at any time in the Mystic Forge although it will destroy any upgrades like sigils in the weapon.


You can view some common builds here: https://metabattle.com/wiki/MetaBattle_Wiki

You can make builds and see how they turn out here: http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/

You can optimise your stats here: https://optimizer.discretize.eu/?m=fractals

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