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World linking question regarding guilds


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I recently got back into Guild Wars and so this world linking feature is new to me. I joined a guild from the server that we are currently linked with. I'm unwilling to transfer to their server as I am oceanic and my current server is the unofficial AU server. However these guildies seem very nice and I'd like to continue doing WvW with them.


My question is, I believe the linked worlds are reshuffling the last Friday of every odd month. If thats the case then I'll be linked with a new world on Friday 29th of this month. Will I no longer be in their guild? Will I be able to WvW with them? Can someone enlighten me on what will happen?

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Two things to consider:

Your server does not matter outside of WvW. Everywhere else in the game uses a mega-server system where maps are shared between all servers in the region (NA or EU). If there are enough people in a map to require more than one copy then your server is one of the factors used to decide which one you go into, but the game will prioritise putting you into the same copy of the map as people you're grouped with, people on your friends list and people in your guilds ahead of putting you with other people on the same server. But you will meet and play with people from all the servers in your region, no matter which one you're on.

Long-term WvW is going to be changed as well. Anet is working on a system where servers will be done away with completely and instead worlds for WvW will be made up of guilds, alliances (groups of guilds) and individual players. They've been working on it for a few years now and we've had a couple of betas where players could choose a guild or a team to join and then were sorted into worlds. I think there's due to be another beta test of the system soon, but we don't have a release date for the final version yet.

The WvW update means eventually your problem will be solved, because you'll be able to specify a guild to play WvW with and then you'll always be on the same world as them. But the mega-server system means your server already makes very little difference to who or how many players you see outside of WvW and choosing a server only really matters for WvW.

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