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The tempest overcharges are visually unimpressive


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This one wouldn't annoy me so much if it wouldn't be for the case that right now there are so many better elementalist animations already in the game. The whole idea of tempest is that you charge an element for 4 seconds and after that you unleash a tempest. Yet the tempest is always beyond pathetic in terms of visualization and even worse it is inferior to animations that are already in the game that don't need channeling for 4 seconds. The fire tornado is completely overshadowed by the new air hammer 2 skill which is bigger, thicker and forms a cloud above it. The water explosion at the end of the water overcharge is much less impressive than the explosion that happens when you simply swap to the water attunement. You summon 1 dust tornado at the end of earth yet if you use warhorn 5 you summon 4 of them? The air one is the only one that is fine imo as it constantly strikes enemies in the aoe field. I also hate that after the 4 seconds the tempest just appears. There is no "wham" to it. Like with earth after the channeling is done the rock just crumbles and a tornado appears.


First of all would it be asked too much to just copy paste some existing animations at the end of the overcharge. You could add "feel the burn" to fire, the splash animation you get from swapping into the water element to the water overcharge, "eye of the storm" to air and the rock dodge effect from the arcane trait "evasive arcana" to earth. Just to simply show that the tempest has been unleashed. Or to make it more unified you could add recolored versions of  "feel the burn" to all of them.

Secondly the earth and fire tempests themself could summon multiple tornadoes but an enemy can only be hit by 1 tornado so it wouldn't increase the dmg. That is exactly how the Scourge tornadoes work. Tempest is such a strong word yet when you unleash the supposed tempest it feels like a warm fart in the wind.

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