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Adding blast finishers for chrono and by giving chaos armor via trait also giving alacrity?


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As you all know, chronomancer's wells are ethreal fields and by using blast finisher, effect created from it is area chaos aura.  NEW trait would add alacrity on chaos aura aplication. Blast finishers should be new mechanic of chrono which would come as "Clockwork reset" as clock time resets naturally. So idea is to apply self blast finisher effect when your alacrity "ate" or actually sped up 60 seconds of your abilities. 

Practical examples:
Using 4 wells with 30 second cooldowns, if having 50% alacrity effect, for 15 seconds you will regain all 4 wells after using them and "consuming 60 seconds(4x15) of their rest cooldown time". 

This way shorter and more spamable spells would "consume" much less time while longer cooldown spells would consume more because of alacrity %. This way blast finishers would come every 10 seconds at the best. If trait gave 5 seconds of alacrity when applying chaos armor(to you or ally) then with 100% concentration it would be an uptime of 10 seconds alacrity applied. 

It would be very interesting new and fun mechanic of providing alacrity as chrono instead as it is. Chronomancer use to be primal source of this boon and as its very iconic carrier, it deserves some more love than just adding boon when casting well. 

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To be honest, the Shield Phantasm animation already feels like it should be a blast finisher. Issue is how slow it happens after you press the button; I reckon it'd be neat to have an immediate damage packet/blast finisher as you cast it, Shield desperately needs some more damage attached to it and Mesmer desperately needs a blast finisher to make use of their monopoly on Ethereal Fields.

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