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Aurora Blessed Noble spawn is bugged

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The Aurora Blessed Noble mount is heavily bugged. When spawning it will often just be invisible and you will be unable to move. Removing and resummoning eventually fixes this. Often then not it'll stutter for a second then get summoned. Most of the time it just refuses to be summoned and you sit there floating in the air.

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Same here! After mounting up you do keep moving but you can't see it, then it catches up all at once. Nearly killed me the first time because I thought I wasn't mounted so dismounted and took fall damage xD

Always happens after loading into a new map, sometimes even when I've been on a map for a while. It's mostly a few seconds delay but sometimes is 10-20 seconds and I just have to sit and wait. Other mounts are still ok. Wonder what it is about the Nobles o.O

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The Lunar Maned Skyscale also does the same thing and has done so since it was released. Anet still has not fixed it, so I have my doubts if they're even able to fix the issue, especially if it's affecting newer skyscale mounts.

Fingers crossed that since it's affecting more than just the one skyscale, they'll actually look at it and maybe fix it.

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