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eta 1 month to anniversay sales, please let it be good Anet

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anniversary sale seasons are biggest time of the year to get some good sales number on your balance sheet Anet, but last 2 years of were big disappointments

2020 - nice discounts, but really lacked in what's on offer

2021 - have few more items, but lacked in discounts


To make anniversary sale better

1. more on-sale items per day; we can see that there are up to 14 new on-sales item added in the past, may be a bit much, 8-10 would be a good number

2. have flash-sales on certain items; this encourages players to check back every day, like what Steam does

3. Mix-it-up, instead of putting up a single type of items on-sale when refreshes, have items from different types; it's getting a bit old with all the cosmetics for the first 2 weeks, those non Fashion War 2 players aren't interested in them so they won't bother to check

4. Do not announce it prior or on the start of the on-sale date, let players login to discover, instead announce it when here's 24 hours left; except #2 flash-sales above if you adopt it, announce that on the day.

5. Return of the slightly better discount price than regular discounted price; inflate the regular price then increase % rate to match the previous regular discounted price don't work Anet, players are smart.


I'm sure there are more things other players can think of I have not listed above

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