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Translation topic on French forum

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First of all, I'm sorry to create a topic here but I don't even know if the french forum is still checked  by now.

Since the release of EoD many french players have reported Translations issue and many topics have been opened but we still have any answer from  ArenaNet and it's very frustrating.


Could you take a look at those topics please ANet ?

Feel free to delete this topic when you have resolved those translation issues.



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On 7/20/2022 at 7:00 PM, valfx.5416 said:

Nothing have been corrected last patch and it seems that the same problem for other non-english language.

Does ArenaNet doesn't care that much about non-english speaker ?

Still relevant after last patch, Non-english user are not allowed to enjoy the game ? Does ANet have still a translation team ?

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