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[EoD] "Kappa Exterminator" achievement broken

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A group of 3 Kappa in New Kaineng City count only as 1 single kill towards the achievement. :classic_huh:

That means one has to kill 200 groups of Kappa to finish it instead of the intended 200 Kappa. That makes it 400 groups of Kappa in total to get the full achievement points, which is simply insane.

Please fix!

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This is interesting - just found this while looking for another thing related to achievement points. I did not pay attention to the numbers here in Kaineng - does this bug still exist?

I can confirm though - for the daily (not sure if anyone reported this) in Gyala Delve not all seem to count. This seems intentional there. There seem big ones (always count) and groups of a small few - only one counts ... not sure if you need to kill the whole group or if it is one guy. (Priest or something.) The small ones die a lot faster though. That is why I thought it was intentional.

Not sure if this works same/similar in Kaineng. (Wiki seems to list this still - as bug.)

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