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Bladesworn is not Warrior, it is Bladesworn


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It is just fundamentally too different, so no, I don't really care if it does 40k or 60k dmg I won't play it, so please buff other Elite Specializations which actually do feel like you are playing a warrior, you know, having 2 weapon swaps of a choice, not being limited to just axe/pistol?

Sorry but using gunsaber and dragon trigger is just too clunky, I mean gunsaber itself isn't good weapon, and dragon trigger stops me from moving...that ain't warrior playstyle, that is Bladesworn.


Those who want to play Bladesworn I am glad for them, but I want to play true warrior, so Anet you pushing Bladesworn this much won't make me happy and I don't care for it. 

Do not forget about Warrior, that is all I am trying to say here...


While we are at this topic, you should care about new players coming through Steam, Warrior is one of the most popular fantasy classes, so if it stays this bad, it ain't gonna be good PR for you.

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I've just been playing around with Overcharged Cartridges out of curiosity, and hooooo-boy, if there was ever a skill designed purely for high-end PvE with no utility in general play, this is it.


You can only ever get the big pay-off when playing against boss-tier enemies. If you try to use it effectively as part of a general build, everything dies before you've built up enough charge to take advantage of its supposed synergy with Dragon Trigger.

It also interrupts DT, so you can't start charging then activate Overcharged Cartridges halfway through.


What a terrible profession, designed around "Hurry up and wait".

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I played bladesworn for the first time (in spvp) and yeah, its definitely not warrior. I think I tanked 3 players while my team killed them (don't ask me why I got focused). I have no extra evades, 2 charges of 1 sec projectile block and I don't use sigil of energy (I think the endurance regen/regain you normally have on war is also not there). I just soaked all the dmg with healing and barrier (wasn't even using the trait that gives you barrier when you spend all your ammo on a skill).

It really does look like core necro... But with fb spammy "gameplay". Its really weird to see this on war. Core, spb and berserker all play similarly on their power builds, even if their sustain and dmg output are different...

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