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Scepter/dagger fresh air core ele golem damage


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not entirely sure why you have a ongoing fascination of this build (you mentioned this before on a thread i made last year). but to satisfy your curiosity, any flavour of core scepter power ele without conjures appears to be stuck in or below the 20-21k range (rough estimate, most recent patch). for my sanitys sake i have not attempted to see how it performs with conjures, but i feel that would really be more “triple conjure core ele” than “scepter/dagger core ele”

as core power ele and without conjures you and your sanity is better camping fire on d/d which supposedly reaches ~25k just by hitting skills off cd and spamming aa (all my numbers are rough estimates). even campfire staff on small hitbox is better at ~22-23k

even better, you can ditch power for core eles surprisingly functional condi builds where the benchable versions reach ~27-28k, but can technically reach ~30k when ignoring benching ethics

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