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A bit simpler condi-alac mech build?


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Hey cuties. I have recently found this condi-alac mechanist build on snowcrows, yet running it with all the 4 kits seems a bit over the top for me. Is there any simplified, lower intensity version of it?


I did come up with something like this in the meantime, yet I have no idea if it would be any functional;


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Turret is always a red flag due to its current state I'm afraid, even if that one, at the very least, scales with the player stats. Because of the lack of toolbelt skills, Mechanist can't make use of the quicker and dirtier damaging skills like let's say Rocket Boots for its Rocket Kick skill, which effectively only leaves kits to deal damage with.

Best thing you can realistically do is swap one kit, preferably FT for the Superconducting Signet and the Mortar Kit for the Overclock Signet.

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my only thoughts are something along these lines:




Reducing the overall boon provision and focusing on the mace auto for condi damage and alacrity barrier while giving you access to substatially lower mech ability cooldowns and adding alot more condition damage to the mech.


Keeping in mind that jade dynamo and tools grants you substantially lower cooldowns for a drastically stronger crisis zone.


realistically tho I don't think mechanist was designed with condition and support together in mind, its more of an all-in specialisation.

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