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Core Elementalist: Give them all 4 elements to trait.


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Idk, this idea would make Core Ele OP... Crazy, I know. How could Core ever be that good?? 


But the aura traits all put together (fury/swiftness/prot/aura cleanse) , plus the constant healing from Water. Add that to signets trait and signet of healing. You already created a strong tank. 


Plus Fire/Air Traitlines put together creates a strong burst build. All an Core Ele has to do is play Fresh Air scepter and next thing you know, you have an unkillable roamer. 


That's just me spit balling. But I doubt Anet would ever allow four Traitlines on one build. Would be easier to ask for weapon swap on core

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14 hours ago, gooddrakkarboi.4870 said:

Do you live under a rock? Nobody at Anet gives a flying fook about Ele, not the balance team, not the design team (imagine being proud of designing Catalyst xD). You shall play Hfb or Mech kitten. 


Heaven forbid we had actual balance and well-designed specs in this game...


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