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Can someone explain Shadow Arts Leeching Venoms to me, it looks like its supposed to add a utility skill as a passive.

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Under the description for Leeching Venoms where it talks about the healing, it shows the Utility Skill Spider Venom, where your attacks poison enemies. Do I have to have Spider Venom as an active ability to use the secondary description of Leeching Venoms or does the Utility active ability become a passive under the Leeching Venoms skill in the Shadow Arts skill tree.

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You don't need Spider Venom as an active ability, if you have the trait selected, entering stealth will grant you 3 stacks of Spider Venom to consume with your next attacks. Many classes have this kind of mechanic where a trait causes the character to use a weakened version of an existing skill as an instant under certain conditions - in this case it is just not listed out as its separate skill because you just get the buff effect and there is no further effect.

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