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Story progress bugged

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What's the point of "Quit This Episode" when it gets re-enabled all the time.
Is really annoying and always takes part of the UI. People don't do all 10 years worth of story content on every character (Personal story, Ls1, Ls2, HoT, Ls3, PoF, Ls4, Ibs, EoD)
Let people choose to do story when they have time and will to do them not always nag - hey you didn't complete this chapter....
I know many people just "deal" with it but come on. There are topics about that date back to 2018 (and maybe earlier).


So how about actually FIXING this since story line is integral part of GW2?
@Fire Attunement.9835 @Josh Davis.7865

Edited by Shana.7021
Tagging staff since this is affecting everyone
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