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Warrior's Rifle How to?


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I too like rifle. Sadly the steady pump style dps conflicts with the design of all elites. In berserker case Gunflame has added velocity so your burst skill is the fastest ability with is quite jarring. Also brutal shot(your back evade) has a slight delay which can feel clunky. The fact that gunflame has reduced Power damage for added burn on a pure power weapon is pretty bad too.


Rifle suffers from the archaic notion that range weapons shouldn't do high dps so numbers are a little low and could need a buff. Also the lack of quickness could be annoying if you dont run around with protocols. In comparison to Gatling gun engi autos and zephyr Longbow ranger rapid fire, volley does look a little slow:).


If you want fast paced action you could run bladesworn rifle with lush forest and tactical reload.

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In PvP/WvW, rifle used to be great and enjoyable when it had really big damage on Kill Shot/Gunflame. Until February 2020 "balance" patch happened. I mean, proper damage nerf would be fine because you could literally one-shot people with Kill Shot/Gunflame, but Anet just blidnly nerfed it without understanding repercussions of such drastic damage nerf. Result? Rifle was completely killed in competetive modes. So much for "balance"...

Nowadays, outside of Berserker, rifle is simply a bad weapon. Very non-rewarding. It was "reworked" almost year ago (probably by devs who made recent banner changes, that would explain the quality and usefulness of rifle) and it didn't make rifle a better weapon basically in any way. We got one new skill to spam, but overall all 1-5 rifle skills feel so bland and uninspired, it's insane.

Now, rifle only works with Berserker solely because of Gunflame and high damage modifiers from Berserker traits. But even then, it's one trick pony that relies heavily on surprising your enemy. You also have to invest quite a lot in order to do some meaningful damage with it which means you will be very glassy with 0 sustain.

If you want to use it in PvE, anything works in open world, but don't bother with rifle in more hardcore content unless you are Bladesworn 🙃

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15 minutes ago, cryorion.9532 said:

We got one new skill to spam, but overall all 1-5 rifle skills feel so bland and uninspired, it's insane.

Really? I quite fond of a non seizure inducing weapon. Slight damage buffs and quickness on 2 would make it a great weapon OW Hero point and elites. Kill shot feels really stratifying in PvE sadly core warrior isn't that good.

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They removed rifles ability to self sustain rage. So, you crack off a brust shot with it and then struggle to get a second or third. I used to run rifle on my warrior and it is now such a lacklustre and frustrating weapon that i havent touched my warrior in....well, six years or something at this point?

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