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About Spirit Watch Achievements


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Can we make Spirit Watch Achievements more available to get?


I understand many do not prefer playing in spirit watch, but in its current state, these achievements are near impossible to get. 

For us achievement hunters, can devs maybe make this game map more available.

Id prefer honestly just to be able to select this map and wait 30+ minutes for it to fill if thats what it takes instead of running all the other maps in hopes of getting spirit watch.  That way i can do other things until it fills. 


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1 hour ago, Avatar.3568 said:

You might be able to Play the map on a custom Server, idk If it counts to the archievment but you could try it

Yea nope. It requires rated matches unfortunately. 


Suggestion to Devs might be the following: 


Allow specific map selection for unranked matches. This could be during pvp wvw exp bonus events or something. 


Would also be nice to have some sort of events in EOTM.  some squirrels or super adventure box gags/achievements/pips in EOTM as periodic event.  Im sure they could find some good ideas from other MMOs to make WVW and PVP more enticing to players and boost player numbers. 

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Yes. Good suggestions here already.

Another one: Give it it's own box like stronghold (which also is not in ranked but only in unranked and you can queue only for that one with the checkbox).

Unless they also add it to ranked there should be an easier way to queue specifically for Spirit Watch in unranked - similar to Stronghold.

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