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Scion and Champion EXTREMELY bugged

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First time in instance: Confront Aurene... nothing happens, She does not respond. have to reset the instance.

2nd try: Go in with friend... after teleport to first trial, friend is invisible and permanently stuck... This second one I seen OFTEN and also seen it often reported before.

The worst thing is, I am only doing this for 1 poi because I dont like to rely on RNG.

So please fix it already. 



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Should have explained: I need the POI in the purple room in Thunderhead, so since I do not want to gamble on RNG on the Light of Deldrimor plate, I decided to do the story up to that point.

Its only 1 instance, then little talk to get there... That is why I was playing Champion and Scion and encountered the bugs.

Sorry if I was unclear in my initial post.


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