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a way to quick complete Echovald Wilds Hearts?

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15 hours ago, ugrakarma.9416 said:

This is map by far the longest to complete...


and hearts are worst part, anyone know a way to quick do it? i really suck at "activities";.

First, as has been mentioned you put this in the wrong subforum, don't worry a Forum Mod will probably move it soon.

Second, for the Speaker heart, there is a cave with an NPC near an obelisk. Talk to her and you'll got turned into a ball of energy that flies around the heart area allowing you to bombard the other obelisks. That will mostly fill the heart. You can kneel at the central monument to clear suspicion.  You can also kneel or bow (I forget which) in front of Tetra to also clear suspicion. You can spar with people and then encourage them to clear suspicion, or discourage them to help complete the heart. For the urns and bombs so long as there is no LOS to a suspicious NPC you can interact with it. This one takes the longest as the suspicions rapidly builds during any of the channeled actions.

For the Brotherhood heart just turn everything off when there is no LOS to a suspicious NPC. You can /ponder at the unsolvable equation to clear suspicion. The barely working jade tech each has a manual nearby that has the opposite instructions on what to do, doing all of those and turning off the lanterns/monitors should be enough for the heart.

For the Tengu heart, /bow at every elder, interact with the shrines and use the emote it tells you to use. For the Wary Villagers the last answer is typically the right answer. For the youth interact and click the first prompt every time, fight as needed. This one goes the quickest.

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