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Got to level 80 THF I haven't touched in over 8 years, looking for a helpful and simple build for story, open world bosses, and world completion.


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Hello everyone, 


I recently came back to the game, and I've decided that I want to try playing on my THF, a character that I honestly have not touched since a few months post game launch. I began to pick up a few exotics here and there as well. I am looking for a nice survivability build for Thief, one that would be great for solo, or co-op play of open world content, not really planning to do fractals or anything like that soon, though I might be interested in some WvW at a later date. My main goal is being able to stay alive and a decent DPS/survivability balance for solo play. 


I am currently sitting with the following build: Sword + Pistol + Shortbow. 


Critical Strikes: Twin Fangs, Practice tolerance, innovative precision. 

Deadly Arts: Mug, Panic Strike, Executioner

Trickery: ToTC, Bountiful Thef, Sleight of hand. 


Gear: Berserkers exotics across the board, no runes yet, waiting for suggestions on how to best optimize for my purposes. 


Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! 





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Normally I would recommend using either Superior Rune of the Pack or Superior Rune of Fireworks since they help keep Fury up for Invigorating Precision, but the trait was nerfed quite a bit in PvE.  The Firework runes are still nice to use in open world PvE due to the 25% movement speed.

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