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[Engineer] Rifle 5 Jump Shot damage bug

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Rifle 5 seems to be using two different "Jump Shot" skills ATM, with seemingly varied degrees of "RNG" to only activating the worse version on different accounts. My account, even on newly created toons, can't even activate the original Jump Shot. Some people aren't even experiencing the phenomenon while some claim they can trigger the normal version by double clicking on the skill itself. I can't reproduce said workaround though, mine is permanently bugged regardless of input. I've reviewed old logs and it didn't behave like this prior to June 28 patch. Yes, I am aware there are two instances of damage from the skill but it's supposed to be a single skill divided into two.
For reference, this is what normal Jump Shot looks like:

now this is what the bugged Jump Shot looks like:

Both were taken after the June 28 patch. Notice the big discrepancy for the second instance of damage? The bugged Jump Shot's damage is the same regardless of weapon level and rarity used, leading to the conclusion that it might be using unarmed coefficient.

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