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"Blinding Truths" Revenant trait is bugged

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The trait blinds enemys when you use a healskill. it has a ICD of 3 seconds.

However, the traits Cooldown is triggered even if you dont blind someone. This makes the trait extremely inconsistend. You approach someone and try to blind a hardhitting skill with it... but NOPE, the blind is not ready because you blinded the thin air 2 seconds ago.

The trait should have a 3 second ICD per unique target. otherwise it is WAY to inconsistent and not worth taking over the other options. You can never tell if it ready or not, nor can you use it to reliably mitigate damage.


The trait should only go on CD should you actually apply the blind, or it needs to be a 3 sec ICD per unique target, otherwise its too inconsistent and not worth slotting. I can only hope this is a bug and not working as intended, because i dont know of any other trait that works like this.... Most similar traits have unique ICDs for unique targets.


For example: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Blinding_Ashes 

please...for a second imagine that blinding ashes would work like this: Every 8 seconds a skill that would apply burn would also blind, regardless if it hits or not. If it doesnt hit anything... it goes on 8 second Cooldown, without any tell if and how long it will be on cooldown now. You can only pray that your burn will blind, its more or less completly random.

because thats how Blinding truths works atm..... which is just outright stupid xD


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