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Some rambling from a bored and frustrated Warrior.


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I was always a huge lover of core Warrior.

So much so , that i can say that this build has been my favorite in Gw2.


Do some people cringe at that? Sure. But even so, many would believe, i never got kicked from a group for running it.

Obviously i got remarks about not running Zerker but in the end, i safed countless runs with Elite Banner and even got people surprised about the DPS Core can do.


But why do i not like running the Elite Specs?

Berserkers new mechanic in not fun to play with. Like cool, im out of Zerker again... fun... others can just play and im sitting here waiting until i can do something again. Also, cool rotation on Axe bro. Spam that F1. 😒

Atleast in Core, i have to think abit about which skills i wanna press next. "Do i interupt my Auto Attack chain or do i wait for the last big hit?" Not much, but something.

Bladesworn. OHH BOY do i hate being rooted.   Thats basically it.

On Core, i can go zooming around. Dance around the boss.   NOT ON BLADESWORN!


I love spellbreaker in Soloplay or some casual Openworld. Still playes like Core but higher selfsustain.


If i could boil down my wishes for Warrior down to the most basic, then it would be this:

  • Higher Dps on Core so im more justified to play it. Doesnt need to be top dps but atleast something you could call high.
  • Banners should be fun to use.
  • Give Warrior back its Dmg on CC.

Thats it. Sure there is a gigantic list of changes to make but in the end. Thats what i want.


I wish all you Warriors a wonderfull day and the strength to survive these dire times.




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The time I spent playing Warrior on release was some of the most fun gaming I had had for a long time. Even now after I came back, I honestly felt like GW2 was more fun combat wise to play at release then it is now. (ESPECIALLY in pvp) 
Boons should be so much rarer and nothing should be balanced around you having them all on 24/7. Then imagine Spellbreaker if Boons were not handed out like candy, you could strip just one and it'd be devastating. Instead compared to how things are now. 

There's been this weird kind of power creep on the other classes. Some of their elites to me just seem utterly broken. And the most broken ones seem to always be the easiest ones to play. Like how Scourge was, a facerolling on your keyboard class that doesn't need to do pve mechanics. To now Mechanist that just camps Rifle with its mech and out'dps's a majority of the player base. To Firebrand that just has everything. 

Really right now, I wish I played more of this game pre-HoT release. Just to have fun on my Warrior again. 

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