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Banners rework ideas


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Hello fellow players and anet staff, in light of current patch notes on warriors it has become critical to increase the utility and usability of warriors in team synergy meta. Here are some changes id like to see in banner class. Please keep in mind that this is just a general idea and is focused primarily on pve only. Pve is where warriors are hit hardest, critiques and ideas are welcomed just dont be an @$$.


general: cool downs exist for class but greatly reduced if player picks up the banner before cd expires. Cool downs will only be reduced for impact of banner and not ammo counts.


Banner of strength: plant banner and create a rechargeable ammo buff pulse one ammo per pulse and recharges over 6 seconds. The following buffs will pulse upon trigger of skill: quickness, might 10 stacks, fury, resolution, endurance, swiftness and regeneration. 

Quaking banner: plant a banner on the ground cause damage on impact and creates pulsing quakes damaging enemies around the banner (dmg increased by power modifier). Cool down 30 seconds, quakes every 1 second for 20 seconds. Ammo skill “seismic stomp” launches foes in the air, defiance break 500. Cool down 18 seconds

Banner of restriction: plant a banner on the ground rooting enemies on impact, and pulsing conditions on enemies. cripple enemies, vulnerability and weakness upon the target. Cool down 40 seconds, pulses every second for 8 seconds

Banner of resolve: put down a banner causing healing on impact 3000 health (increased by vitality) ammo skill “war cry” upon activation of skill heal all allies for 1500 (increased by vitality) surrounding the banner and granting regeneration buff. Ammo skill cd 4 seconds. (Ideal for healing slot)


Banner of tactics: most unique banner out of all, creates universal aura field enhancing effects of other combo fields including damage done, durations of buffs, and increased health vamp. Aura lasts for 20 seconds with cool down of 60 seconds. Unique active: other players may activate banner and enhance their auto attacks with a special buff: “strength above all.” Lasts 8 seconds. Auto attack damage increased by 10%. Cool down refreshed when players synergize again. 

Banner of inspiration: inspire allies upon impact. Inspire resurrects downed allies while making you and your allies unkillable for 3 seconds. Ammo skill “unyielding resolve” grant protection and aegis when activated also create a bubble dome blocking all missiles for 5 seconds. Ideal for special elite slot


These are my ideas for banner rework, anet dev staff may use this as a reference to reworking the banners. I long to see what changes get implemented in the next big patch. Once again all critiques and ideas are welcomed just dont be super sus about it. 

kind regards and have a great day! 🥳😎😀


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10 hours ago, Vinny.7260 said:

I'd honestly want Banners to work off of Warrior bursts or something. Then we can see Axe Berserker just stack up those boons. 😏

Would be cool to see banners being used for more than just buffing tools. I actually want more usefullness out of it. Warriors lack utility and support. At this moment they are pretty much just girthy dps in pve lol

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10 hours ago, Jajo.1428 said:

My main has been a warrior since I joined. and I love the change. kitten banners. Warriors were effectively playing with 1 utility slot for years.

Understandable but warriors as a profession aren’t too useful in group content any more. Fractal cm is hard to see a warrior perform, raids now will also be harder because they dont bring anything outside of dps to party.

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20 hours ago, Kodama.6453 said:

Banners got changed to not have any unique buffs anymore and make them have "generic" boons instead. Why you think Anet would reimplement another unique buff for the banner of tactics? xD

I understand they want to remove unique buffs, but I personally want a rework to banners as a whole. Would be nice for it to do something else other than just give buffs lol

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