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s1 ep3 when ?


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Since it didn't get released this week I'm expecting it next week. Until the next festival ... there is still a lot of time. (Unless they make it earlier - last ones have been in August but there have been years when it was end July.) With enough time ... there is no reason to release it exactly at the same time as the festival starts. Pretty unlikely - and they did not even to it for season 2. I think there was also 1-2 weeks gap until the start of Dragon Bash (the related festival).

Should the do festival of the four winds in mid august again only ... then the question would be - if they really plan to release s3 exactly at the time the festival starts - what will the next content  update before that be?

Usually every 2-4 weeks something new gets added (or festivals enabled). We still have some rushes (boss rush, fractal rush) they could do - but I expect them later in the year and not now. (Though it might make sense to release the s3 with a rush at the same time - that one is less work as the festival.)

Releasing together with a festival ... never had been a good time. Not enough time to play all the stuff with festivals offering more and everyone wanting to play the festival having to put the episode on hold first. 😄

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Finally announced. And the date for episode 4 as well. Festival and anniversary in between. Now it seems those "rushes" (boss and fractal rush) ... won't happen too soon. I do not expect other stuff in between - only after s4 (last announced thing in that news).

Between s4 and halloween is some time - then the rushes (boss  rush, fractal rush) - might happen. Expecting a boss rush then ... now that they seem to to some minor work at those world bosses. And the s5 after halloween I guess.

... and yes: In the past the released major stuff together with festivals. But I think they actually tried to listen to feedback. The HoT + halloween example (did not play back then) ... some years ago now already.

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