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Mesmer Feedback


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So, as most know, there was discord chat leak awhile back, and up front, we can go on and on about what was said, but let's not.


The major thing that stood out to me through it all was the issue of properly giving feedback. More or less what was said is that the devs appreciate feedback in this specific manner :

Talk about problems, not solutions.




I will use an example based on Mirage Traits to show what I took that to mean.


Instead of saying Speed of Sand should be combined with Mirage Cloak, I should say Speed of Sand feels completely weak and useless as a trait, especially a trait occupying the Minor Grandmaster slot. Furthermore, I should NOT say Speed of Sand sucks. Mesmer sucks. Anet has abandoned us. Class is kitten. etc. Even if that is how I feel, it offers no structure or baseline for anyone reading to go off of. It's a black hole.



So my ask is this, let us try to follow the above to the best of our ability and have a thread with everything Mesmer. Imagine you are a Dev reading this thread daily, but with limited time each day. Try to keep it to one or two sentences, keep it clean, keep it concise, stick to weakness/problems/bugs. Remember we can disagree on finer points, but I think we all pretty much agree Mesmer needs some work. Let that keep us from bickering.



Here is my feedback :

I go a bit further by providing some positive points as well, to give context for the negative ones. These aren't all my issues, I could write essays since I would have to go over each and every trait, but these are the ones that came to my mind first. Also I speak in a more general sense rather than specific numbers as I don't know all the specific numbers from class to class myself.


My bias : Mirage PvP/Casual PvE

- Speed of Sand feels useless as a trait occupying the Minor Grandmaster Slot


- Infinite Horizon feels amazing, and really adds to making the Mirage class stand out from Core Mesmer


- Elusive Mind/Dune Cloak feel weak in comparison to Infinite Horizon, and I never choose or think about them because of it


- I am in love with the theme/design of Mirage Cloak, I think it makes Mesmer a truly one of a kind class as far as MMO's go. I have never seen a class like Mirage in any other game I've played. Big Kudos.


- Sword Auto Attack feels abysmal without quickness, and barely tolerable with quickness. I believe the sword 3 has some sort of ridiculous aftercast, but am not sure. The whole chain feels sluggish, and clunky. Sword Auto 3, Mind Spike, does not feel as satisfying to land anymore due to how much damage a lot of EoD specs do.


- Sword Ambush, Mirage Thrust, feels super weak damage wise, and it is difficult to land however I love the clone generation and the leap.


- Greatsword 2, Mirror Blade, does not feel good to use, ever. I never know when it is going to work or not, or what it is going to decide to bounce to. It's frustrating. You have to press it because it's there, but you feel guilty about it.


- Greatsword 3, Mind Stab, feels almost great. The damage feels subar, like it wants to do more, but doesn't. I think it's the visual. The damage doesn't feel like it matches the visual. Please don't nerf the visual lol.


- Greatsword 4, Phantasmal Berserker, I love this. It's quick, has 360 degree targeting, the animation is clean (I play female Sylvari for bias), and combined with the trait that makes you get two phantasms, I always feel great using this. I feel weird taking a trait though. Without the trait, I wish it would summon two, so I guess that's intended design? I always want two, so I guess I am always picking that trait. That is how I feel about it.


- Greatsword 5, Illusionary Wave, I love this too. Feels great and does exactly what I expected, a huge wave of CC in front of me.


- Illusionary Ambush is great when it works. When it works


- I never use Mirage Advance or Sand through Glass, and using Crystal Sands just feels clunky and weird. The visual is very slow and doesn't look right, to me.


- I love jaunt, I wish I could jaunt more, especially in pvp


- The 3 second Internal Cooldown of Furious Interruption trait ( Domination ), feels super punishing. Having 3 seconds of quickness ( 2 in pvp ) with a 3 sec ICD looks good on paper, but in practice it's just super frustrating. There is no room for error.


- Mirage Cloak duration does not last as long as some Mirage Ambushes, like Staff, which means that you can use Mirage Cloak, immediately ambush, and still get interrupted on the last 1/4th of the channel. This feeling is incredibly terrible, and even though it happens rarely, the moment lingers.



Will come back and edit some more, but this is just my 2c for now! Also do not have to use my format, I just like bullet points lol


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I appreciate the OP's good faith in this, but after playing this game since HoT, we can be pretty sure that the Devs will do the same thing they always do.  Overhype the changes then deliver a poorly implemented version of them, break other parts of the profession/eSpecs and leave them for years with no update, apologize for something they didn't do or messed up but hotfix something completely unrelated, and ultimately, provide no correlation between player experience and feedback, and changes to the game.

But hey, after the August update, we can come back and see if maybe they have changed the way they operate.  My bet is by the end of the year we have another one of the botched profession updates like June 28th.

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Sword phantasm - rarely connects. 

Torch phantasm - rarely connects, slowpoke. 

Staff phantasm - not impactful, only good for clone.

Staff 4 - not impactful at all. 

Focus phantasm - low damage the more enemies there are, slow axe throwing. 

Blurred frenzy - didn't age very well, only good for the evade. 

Virt F3 - can't do it's job (rupt) because of the huge cast time and travel time. 

Virt sword leap - accidental double pressing happens, bugs out on terrain. 

Virt scepter and Staff - lower damage than other mesmer specs due to no clones. 



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