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2022-07-11 Gandara is open, transfer now!

Connla Dda.9407

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Yeah I wouldn't be picky on who you get, considering this is a server that gets no links, complained it's been dead with no commanders for months, tanked for months, and now expects guilds and commanders and not pug bandwagons to flock to a T5 server at the maximum cost. Good luck with that.

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We know, the main benefit will be for Guilds trying to get friends and guildees who were stuck on a link server in. Guilds can contribute to the cost of transfer. I was just happy to see us open up, it's been so long and it will certainly boost morale.

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I've been playing on Gandara since Tuesday and it was the best decision of my WvW life. The way of playing on Gandara surpasses all my previous experiences. You can't describe it ... You have to experience it yourself. 
Advertisement end. 

Seriously: I never liked playing against Gandara. The name Gankdara did not come from somewhere. I'm on the server for the first time because I'm curious and I'm positively surprised. At first I was afraid that the server was dead. But so far there was always something going on where you could join. Roaming, squads and the homes are actively defended! I was no longer used to the latter. 

Playing against Gandara is no fun, but being on the server is quite pleasant. If you want a bit of variety, the server is still open :)! 


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