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[EU] [KbH] kNightly Buddyhood guild recruitment thread!

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Guild Name: kNightly Buddyhood [KBH]
World: Blacktide EU
Language: English
Focus: PvE
Guild Hall: level 1 Isle of Reflection

Currently working on building up an active guild base - we just claimed the Guild Hall and are on our way to construct the Tavern! 


We are Looking for active members for (mostly) PvE content - we are a bunch of buddies that just like to enjoy the game together. We do not care for elitism, but instead take our time to grow into and experience the different content the game has to offer. We tend to help each other out with various activities, dungeons, world bosses, puzzles, places to farm, builds etc. 


I announce Events on my Discord, usually every Monday and Tuesday, as those are the days I also stream. 


So if you are a casual that want to be in a friendly guild, let us know! Doesn't matter if you are new to the game or an expert:


**We are looking for people who**
🍪 are kind and helpful
🍪 are interested in chatting
🍪 are active
🍪 likes cookies!


You can directly contact me on Discord or here for more info (Game kNight Plays#3027)


To join, go to our discord channel (required): https://discord.gg/Hv95TGX


after you join, follow the guide in welcome section 

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