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Ideas for Druid changes I guess?


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I got into making ideas that are not going to be even seen, so might as well go through the whole ranger at this point. Today's target is one of the most outdated especs in the game: Druid!
Warning a lot of healing added and numbers should be trimmed a bit.

Solar Beam:
-Now also hits enemies and allies around the Druid in a 130 range, targets won't be hit by both aoe and the beam at the same time.

Astral Wisp:
-The wisp acts more like an entity than a projectile, allowing it to pass projectile break, reflect and conversion.
-When the wisp hits the target, it will damage the target and 4 other nearby enemies and place a wisp around them(the same effect as the old skill).
-The wisp duration is refreshed when the target is hit by Solar beam and Astral wisp. 
-Each time Astral wisp hits the target affected by a wisp, the number of wisp will be increased by one up to 3 wisps total. 
-Only 1 wisp will be removed every time the duration expires, the countdown will start at 5s again until all wisp are removed.
-Enemies that pass the wisp will receive damage.

Ancestral Grace:
-This is the best skill on staff and doesn't need changes.

Vine Surge:
-The skill now leaves a field in a shape of hit area for 5s, allies standing on the field will receive superspeed for 1s every 1s for (the duration of the field).
-Cast time is reduced to 1/2s.

Sublime Conversion:
-Now creates a circular field with 360 radius for 5s. The field is surrounded by a wall that has the same effect as the current skill.
-Allies within the circle will receive 1s of regen and 1s swiftness every 1s, when passing the circle wall or when the wall is placed on them the allies will be receive 1s of resistance and stunbreak, while the enemies will be dazed for 2s. (passing effect applies once per target, daze will be applied only 1s after the field is placed)

Celestial Avatar
-No longer has a duration, cooldown reduced to 3s, now loses 33% of remaining force when leaving CA and when using CA skills. (skill costs are under with changes, cd are the same)
-Cosmic ray 5%, radius changed to 180 and healing power scaling goes up to 0.95.
-Seed of life 6.5%, cleanses 1 conditon when placed and 1 condition when blossoming.
-Lunar Impact 25%.
-Rejuvenating Tides 4% per tick, ticks increased to 10, healing reduced by 40%, delay between ticks is half the old time (40% for full duration).
-Natural Convergence 10% per tick (30% for full duration).

(A: normal, B: CA form)
-Overall healing reduced, A:refills 50% of CA on use and CA cooldown refreshed, B: Heals the user and allies for the higher normal amount and refreshes cooldowns of CA skills.
-A: also removes 2 boons from enemies, B: also removes 2 conditions from allies and places them on enemies.
-Both states are now placed fields with the duration of the old cast that don't lock the player, B: also gives DR when downed(making it a skill for protecting the downed rather than just plain revive).

-Druidic Clarity: CD 10s. (I'd don't like internal CDs but I have no idea how to keep it more or less as is with new CA, I'm open to ideas)
-Cultivated Synergy: Additionally CA skills cost 40% more, but you can gain astral force while in CA (lower rate).
-Live Vicariously: Healing slightly lowered due to more consistent healing triggers.
-Celestial Shadow: 10s CD. 
-Verdant Etching: Additionally Seed of life clears 1 more condition when blossoming.
-Natural Mender: duration increased to 10s, max stacks changed to 20 and stack effect reduced to 1%.
-Grace of the Land: 1 stack of might for every 7.5% of astral force spent after leaving CA (higher cost from Cultivated Synergy does scale and used force can go over 100%).

That will be all.
Quite a lot of changes so obviously not all of it has to got through. (at least staff changes would be nice)

Edited by Beddo.1907
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Staff changes would probably be a bit overtuned for the condi bunker druids.  Wisp being ground targeted and creating some kind of field would be nice though.  

I also too hate ICD's because there is no visual indicator.  Just easier to have these line up with CA and just have astral force passively generate no matter what and also not be emptied upon death.  It's pretty easy to maintain otherwise; CD on it should be 10s for all gamemodes though.  

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1 hour ago, Kodama.6453 said:

Skill 5 alone. Projectile hate that heals allies, regen + swiftness + resistance + stability, dazing enemies, water combo field. That skill is so loaded, it's hilarious.

I forgot to say that the stab duration is only 2s. The main purpose of it was semi stunbreak when you cast it in a way that hits the ally with the wall and still allowes them to enter the field itself.
I'll probably change it to remove CC since that's a bit more obvious effect that I didn't think of for some reason and the wall+enemy daze already does a part of the job. Also the resistance will also go to the wall for the same purpose that the stab was.

Overall those changes are quite "broken"(obviously the numeric changes are in order), but ranger as is sucks at giving utility to the team/squad.

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11 minutes ago, anduriell.6280 said:

Not to discourage you @Beddo.1907 but this subforums have plenty of great ideas on how to rework the class from many many ranger players.

The leaks already showed how nobody at Anet care unless it is to nerf it in favor of their favorite classes. You are wasting your time.


14 hours ago, Beddo.1907 said:

I got into making ideas that are not going to be even seen

Already know that, but I still like making this stuff. :v

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