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Crafting stacks

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Depending on your goals in the game, you may want to consider expanding the storage somewhere down the line. For example, I've expanded mine to 1,250 for each resource so wood, ores maxx out at 1,250 each. This is because I wanted my main character at the time to become a Master Crafter. To do so requires accumulating tons and tons of resources. Hence the need to expand storage. By reaching this achievement I've been able to craft all ascended gear and weapons. What's important about this is you are not limited to crafting for only the character you are currently playing. For example, my Master Crafter character is a Human Deadeye, but I only use that character just to craft things for my new primary character, an Asura Druid. Now each player has different goals and selling whatever you gather may be one of them. But just letting you know there are benefits to accumulating resources other than just selling them.

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On 7/11/2022 at 7:00 PM, Gold Mark.3046 said:

I have a lot of stacks, (250) of crafting items.  Wood , ores, etc.  Is there a market for these stacks of crafting ingredients?

The maximum storage capacity is 2,500. So try and get Storage Expander (800 gems) when they go on sale. Each Expander will increase the capacity by 250. I find that even 2,500 is not enough since I never sell my mats unless they're overflowing, or I need some quick gold.

Everyone will need to level up some crafting professions for crafting Ascended and Legendary gears. So level crafting professions that you may need such as Armorsmith for heavy gears and the appropriate weapon crafter such as Weaponsmith for Greatsword. Also, crafting is a very fast way for leveling alts. It cost more to buy mats than to sell, aside from the 15% TP fees that sellers has to pay. Thus, use them unless you need the gold right away.

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Just to clarify: you're not require to buy additional storage to level crafting. It's certainly useful if you're crafting a lot and especially if you want to level a craft all in one go, because then you'll need to buy large amounts of materials, but it is possible to get all crafts to their max level without it.

Also I agree that it's worth levelling crafting even if it's not something you normally like doing in games. It doesn't take a lot of time or effort (you can level a craft in a couple of hours if you have the materials and know what to do or follow a guide) and there's no on-going commitment but it means whenever you want something crafted you can do it. A lot of useful crafted items are account bound so it's better to be able to do it yourself than asking other players or buying crafted items from the TP.

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