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Evasive Empowerment


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Does anyone even use this trait?? The other two options are either Damage Boost or Support which are much more desired picks


Vigor is obviously Defensive because more evades means more survivability. But Spectacular Sphere already gives that boon. Plus, three more as well. Combined with Energized Elements, you can practically cast a sphere with every attunement swap (3 out of every 4 realistically). So it wouldn't be difficult attaining Vigor. 


Given that understanding, what's the point of Evasive Empowerment? The 2 stacks of Elemental Empowerment is nice, but not enough to make me pick it. Maybe buff it to 3 stacks? 4? What about a different boon like Resolution or Aegis? Without it, seems like the weakest trait of the bunch 

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Even if in theory Evasive Empowerment is THE pvp/wvw master trait : the EE grandmaster is garbage, you better want the stab or the boons in group, and in master you already have vigor on the other trait, or you want to the dps buff on auras + you have a lot of source of vigor/endurance in other traits and skills = Evasive Empowerment is relatively bad

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