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War Gods(weapon skins)-Possibly Glitching/Bugged visually on weapon swap(?)

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Ok so I noticed a long time ago with one of the War Gods skins I think it was the shield, when unsheathed or just playing normally swapping to the War Gods shield skin it produced a really annoying visual bug, sort of like very squished down horizontally stretched out left to right thing then it fixes itself to normal shield. It's been happening with my War God's Greatsword too enough to not want to use the skin, I Think it looks like a tear in the image for weapon swapping bug with these specific weapon skins...

So I Can't really replicate it, if I did it would be super lucky as it feels random. I'd have to some how keep switching weapons, and smashing the screen cap button until I get lucky ..

So for now, Do any of you ever see this issue, the visual squish stretched out image where your weapon is, it only lasts an instant, like .15 of a second or something(Like a ' FLASH ' .. then gone). BUT, when it does it.. it is aggravating enough, distracting enough to not want to use it(the Skins)

Thanks and I Hope a Dev looks into it, if I Can get a screen cap some how I will, I'm not exp with video making and all that either so.... 
...(Sad to say)..but I hope someone else has the same issue who can say something about it too.

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