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Other good support builds?


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I’ve been playing support scourge a lot lately, and I’ve really been enjoying it.  Feels really impactful when I see my blue barrier numbers on everyone.  Since I am also an alto-holic, I wanted to try other class support builds, and was looking for some suggestions on something that might feel as impactful as support scourge…. Like seriously I feel like I can carry with scourge.


Anything out there better, or at least similar in greatness?  I have every class … mainly for PvE but I dabble in WvW and want to spend more time there.  Thanks!

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Guardian is the perennial golden child of the game, particularly as a support in the Firebrand spec.
Engineer, as Mechanist spec became a recent gold-tier character for several roles, including support.
Other supports that make sense include Ranger (Druid), Elementalist (Tempest), Revenant (~several).


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You don't need to run it as a support, but Specter is pretty good at carrying teams.  The trait Consume Shadows means that your teammates will periodically receive a massive heal and barrier as you go through the damage rotation.  Because of this, any team that has a Specter on it effectively has a second healer, even when they're running pure DPS.  Though you can become alac support with the Ritualist set.

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