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Where to send WvW Class specific feedback


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In the dumpster 🙂

But if you are optimistic, probably the profession subforums. E.g.:


If you have feedback for more than 1 profession, that has to do with a specific part of wvw (e.g. the lopsided profession "balance" in blob fights, where 60%+ of the zerg is necro and guard) also the wvw subforum should work.

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4 hours ago, Velka.9372 said:

Hey, is there any way to send feedback & ideas to the WvW team or the balance team for a specific class ?


3 hours ago, Hotride.2187 said:

In the dumpster 🙂

I'll chime in here. I don't want to be overly negative for no reason, there's enough drama about the recent changes anyway. However, if they have showed us one thing I would say that they are back to their old ways of balancing for instanced PvE and letting the PvP modes only be an afterthought when they skill split or clean up later.

I'll even give you a pretty glaring example of why it comes across like that. One of the guiding principles for this balance pass was to change a number of unique modifiers, many of them crit-related so crit became a focal point of the changes too. I just come off a 2-hour long discussion with a friend about Dragon's stats on various damage builds.

That discussion provides the example. If you play a Reaper you have two sources of crits from traits: Death Perception and Decimate Defenses. Choosing which to change, if you wanted to bring about a change, does not really matter for the specific situation of instanced PvE. For your PvP modes on the other hand Decimate Defenses is an incredibly volatile and unreliable thing, mechanically. It's potential on paper is no different. However, in instanced PvE you can build around that trait, mechanically. In PvP you can't. It can be 0%, 50% and anything wildly differing inbetween. If ArenaNet cared about their entire game, making a choice between changing one of those traits is ridiculously obvious, but they went about it in the same old way they have a history of doing: leaving the "stand-still and rotate" trait intact.

Isolated, details like this are not super important or things to cry over. What is all the more remarkable is that when faced with decisions like these, they keep making those choices over and over. They are still making changes to Ranger Spirits, for example, which are mechanically irrelevant in PvP. The list goes on. They are throwing everything else in their game away, just to stare themselves blind on content-specific rotational gameplay, that isn't part of 3/4 modes in the game.

So yeah, TLDR, the dumpster :) .

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