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Warriors perfect and doesn’t need any balance


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Banners are so strong we all should play only with banners, just remove weapons entirely we don’t really need them. Just hold the banner and move around with the group to give a couple seconds of quickness and maybe swiftness.


Will be doing plenty of support with our one stack of  might every 3 seconds giving the group lots of help with that, no need to worry. And with the arms trait we should be completely fine. Arms gives us extra precision anyway, do you guys not have phones?


I think the quickness uptime is too high, it almost makes me think of Harbinger and Harbinger is scary. I don’t wanna think about his passive perma  quickness given through one trait. I think for us submissive warriors we must invest every trait line and every skill and have diviners gear to have Perma quickness. Actually not even Perma it would be 40% up time if we pretend and sauint at the screen.


basically what I’m saying is Warrior should be in RP class and nothing more. Warrior is simply too strong and does way too much. It’s still giving people copium and we can’t have that


rip harambe

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