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Buyers Remorse - Dye Channels on Items

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This game has a strange habit of causing instant regret for purchases due to odd dye choice restrictions.
Just purchased the new Skiff skin, it's a beautiful skin and looked up it had 4 dye channels before purchase...
Only for the green to be undyeable.
Third time I've gone thru this with a newer item, it's a shame I'll never use it because of the green because it's really well designed otherwise imo.

All I'm asking for really is more clarity on this so it can be avoided rather then feel that "gotcha" moment each time something new comes out.
A simple way to preview the dyes easily on things would suffice, but ideally just stop randomly blocking off colors so people can customize them as the dyes here are one of the strengths. It's always weird to see something denied the ability to be used more often because of it.

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47 minutes ago, Voyant.1327 said:

A simple way to preview the dyes easily on things would suffice

This would be really nice to have for all cosmetics. Mount skins, armors, infusions, how your character looks in a chair, etc.

Knowing exactly what you're getting before you get it sounds consumer-friendly, granted I feel like they omit some of this information on purpose in a bid to boost sales and say 'sorry it's already unlocked on your account' when you seek a refund. I didn't intend to buy the new skiff, but this is good information to pass along to the people who I know had been anticipating it. Thank you for the heads up, OP.

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I don't mind that the green leaves will stay green, but I agree that any time there is a locked in color on a dyeable item it can interfere with character color palettes.  I happen to have a lot of alts, so the skin will work for several of them even with forced greenery.  Players who focus on one character will need more flexibility.

I thought there was a way to preview the dye channels, but it looks like that is only for outfits and armor.  For those, you can pick four contrasting dyes off the TP to preview and see what parts will share hues.  Adding that to mount previews (the skiff acts like a mount) would help a lot.

Meanwhile, for those not yet purchasing but still considering, the channels are (upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right):  Upper wood trim (rails), hull and deck, carpets/cushions/parasol/tablecloth, and lantern panels/blossoms (in plants and on tree).  The leafy parts stay default green and the trunk remains grey/moss.

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The preview window needs a lot of improvements and letting us see how items look dyed is one of them. Yes for armour and outfits there's the awkward work-around of previewing dyes from the Trading Post but that's far from ideal. For other items it's not possible at all and runs into problems like this.

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20 hours ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

You could always wait a day or so and peruse some YouTube videos showing the dye channels and various dyes. 

To me, it's not surprising that the leaves are green.  🤷‍♂️

I don't do the video stuff, just not a fan. But appreciate the 

Just a simple working preview for dye channels on items would suffice. It would help prevent the remorse or disappointment/grief and thus players would be more likely to spend money in confidence.

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