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The Infamous Soo Slayers [Soo] , recruiting (EU)(PvE)


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Hello, we are a dedicated community that started on discord and does soo-won daily on EU @ 8 PM EST and a winning 2 month streak. We newly decided to form a guild that focus on soo won and other main metas, fractals, raids ,strikke missions.   We are open to accept casual players and veterans also willing to teach. Feel free to hit me up your in game name here or send me message in game     Discord :   https://discord.gg/MBNKJKRb7v   


IGN : Hadi The Blight.


looking forward to have you slayers with us !!

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  • Hadi.2430 changed the title to The Infamous Soo Slayers [Soo] , recruiting (EU)(PvE)

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